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Fulltime Safety Director and Team of Safety Advisors

Monthly Foremen Meetings

Safety Accountability Policy & Safety Leadership TeamHealth and safety hazards for painters and facility occupants appear in various forms such as: hazardous chemicals in paints; old paints that contain lead, which can result in lead poisoning and environmental decontamination; highly flammable substances; defects and misplacement of ladders and scaffolding; and occupational injuries.

Select Paint & Finishes has a full understanding of these varying hazards through our skilled Health & Safety Department and highly trained and knowledgeable workforce.

Our most important asset is our people and safety on the worksite is our #1 concern. 

Our full-time safety staff provides awareness and training to all field personnel, ongoing support and maintenance of our safety programs, as well as daily onsite job inspections and weekly safety audits.


Select Paint’s number one priority is safety… the safety of the team on our job sites and the safety of the people who live in the communities in which we work. 


We make safety a condition of employment, thus making it a priority to comply with all established safe work practices and health and safety regulations. We have initiated work policies and procedures to ensure safe operations, and we insist that such rules be followed by every Select Paint employee and by all of our subcontractors. 

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Select Paint has a full-time safety staff that conducts daily job site safety inspections and weekly safety audits, provides training and education for all employees and performs ongoing support and maintenance of our safety programs.

Select Paint has initiated a safety culture that’s objective is to reduce the number of jobsite injuries to an absolute minimum initiating an incident and injury-free work environment. This initiative instills that all employees take responsibility for the overall safety of themselves and their co-workers, whereby safety is never compromised in the name of production. Every employee is familiar with Select’s safety goals and acknowledges their commitment to this culture.

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