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SCAPE, 1252 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

Project Value Range: $2.6 million

Select Paint & Finishes was contracted by Suffolk Construction Co. to perform the painting of all drywall, stairways, doors and frames, CMU and metals to Scape Boylston, a 15-story, 280,000 SF new construction building comprised of 477 residential apartments, a common and amenity lounge space and an activated ground floor retail podium. Located in a vibrant Boston neighborhood and adjacent to mass transit, SCAPE on Boylston Street was designed as a new paradigm for purpose-built, multi-unit housing. Select Paint performed and applied “cover coat” on all concrete ceilings in units; skimmed all seams and imperfections in concrete; and sprayed two coats of cover coat to give the illusion of a new drywall ceiling. Select Paint worked with the client and owner on this project to comply with the multiple changes to the aesthetics throughout the project.


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