David Tufts

Project Manager/Estimator

David has been involved in the painting industry for over eight years now. Starting from the ground up as an apprentice, David completed three years of apprenticeship training for the District Council 35 Painters Union. While in school, he completed over 20 training courses and broadened his skills into wallcovering and woodwork. With this knowledge and experience, David quickly progressed in the painting industry starting as a field painter to eventually becoming a journeyman. Always wanting to advance, he took the next step and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps to become an Estimator/Project Manager for Select Paint and Finishes. For the past year he has estimated and managed numerous projects in the City of Boston and has taken great pride in developing relationships with clients and overseeing successful projects. For David the Select Paint Team has been the most ambitious and dynamic team he’s ever been a part of. “I want to continue to improve and learn something new every day in this business. Client relations and managing a stress-free project is my main goal.”