Brendt Gonsalves

Chief Operating Officer

Brendt Gonsalves brings over 36 years of industry experience to The Select Group of Companies. Brendt attended vocational school as a teen where he learned carpentry and the theoretical concepts associated with residential construction. He later moved to heavy bridge construction where he performed demolition, excavation and concrete form work while completing his degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Brendt's hands-on skill and big picture understanding successfully guided him as Superintendent and later as a Senior Project Manager during his 22 years in the general contracting field. His work has been expansive, with an extensive focus on specialty labs (BSL 3 & 4 and Life Science), high rise construction, airport work, self-performed concrete and many other complex projects.

Brendt adeptly wears many hats as he oversees the six individual companies that make up The Select Group of Companies. His role includes handling daily operations oversight, facilitating executive and operations meetings, as well as long term business planning to align with company goals for each individual entity. Brendt is responsible for monthly requisition reviews and overview of monthly costs reports in conjunction with accounting. His work also includes interface with Human Resources, IT and insurance groups, as well as direct client service.